Welcome to OASLI!

The Ontario Association of Sign Language Interpreters (OASLI) is a professional association of visual language interpreters in Ontario, including

  • ASL-English Interpreters
  • Deaf Interpreters
  • LSQ-French Interpreters

OASLI is an affiliate chapter of the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC).

OASLI members work alongside deaf individuals and organizations to improve the quality of interpretation services through promoting the use of professional interpreting services.

OASLI is committed to

  • providing interpreters with professional development and networking opportunities;
  • offering venues for interpreters to share best practices, discuss trends and issues in the field;
  • upholding the standards set by the AVLIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct;
  • acting in an advisory capacity to service providers, agencies and interpreter training programs;
  • raising awareness about the field of interpreting through public education.