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About Interpreters

Interpreters facilitate communication between parties who do not share the same language or mode of communication. Professional visual language interpreters are specifically trained in providing this service when Deaf, deafened or hard-of-hearing individuals are present.

OASLI’s membership is comprised of 3 types of visual language interpreters

ASL-English Interpreter
Deaf Interpreter
LSQ-French Interpreter

ASL-English Interpreters work between spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Deaf Interpreters facilitate communication between a Deaf consumer, a hearing consumer and a hearing interpreter.

LSQ-French Interpreters work between spoken French and la Langue des signes quebecoise (LSQ).

How to Become an Interpreter

In Ontario there is one ASL-English Interpreter Training Program (AEIP).  The program is offered by George Brown College in Toronto.  There are other programs offered across Canada. See list below. 

Ontario - George Brown College

British Columbia - Douglas College

Alberta - Lakeland College

Manitoba - Red River College & University of Manitoba (joint program)

Quebec - Universite du Quebec Montreal (French-LSQ)

Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Community College